17-10-2019 > 09-02-2020

Architects at play!

Architects at play

17/10: Vernissage - open bar - DJ

18/10 - 9/2/2020 Expo

Man is a playful architect. From the solitary hut to the cosmopolitan arch, by playing man builds worlds he inhabits or in which he cohabits. Sometimes these ephemeral playgrounds crystallize and form the permanent stage of our lives, the horizon of our habits. This power of the imagination is at the heart of the exhibition Architects at Play, in which childhood playgrounds meet those of architects, artists and designers. The journey through four playful worlds – labyrinths, symbolic toys, construction games and strategy games – presents different ways of making worlds. In this journey to the land of representations, a special focus on Brussels playgrounds questions the integration in the common/public space of these imaginary and imagined worlds.

Curator: David Malaud
Graphic Design: Studio Otamendi
Photo credits: Pierre Antoine

CIVA Foundation
CIVA - Rue de l'Ermitage 55 - Ixelles 1050
17-10-2019 > 09-02-2020
18:30 - 23:00
CIVA - https://civa.brussels/nl
Expo & Art

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