15-06-2019 > 16-06-2019

End of Season!

Every week more than 600 students take part in the world music and dance courses of Muziekpublique’s music school. They learn to play the oud, the bombo or the gaita, overtone or throat-singing, to dance cajon flamenco or tango…

Traditionally, the End of Season celebrates the students and their teachers. During these two shows, they will present their work, the result of several weeks of lessons. The End of Season show will, in a unique way, go over the various music cultures that live together and thrive in Brussels.

Bring all your friends to cheer them, and who knows, … you might join them next year!

Free access.

Saturday 15 June from 07:00 pm and Saturday 16 June from 02:30 pm.

You will find the full program on https://muziekpublique.be/concerts/end-of-season/?lang=en

Muziekpublique - Théâtre Molière, Galerie de la Porte de Namur - 1050 Brussels
15-06-2019 > 16-06-2019
15/06 - 19:00 ; 16/06 - 14:30
www.muziekpublique.be - info@muziekpublique.be - tel. 02 217 26 00

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