20-11-2020 > 04-12-2020

Photo exhibition @ Kuumba

Photo exhibition of Said Hammouch.


The West African coast is dotted with hundreds of traditional fishing villages. These villages not only serve the unique function of fishing activity, but also function as a very advanced socio-economic institution.

At first glance, chaos, smells and dirt are repulsive, but there is much beauty to be seen in this overwhelming disorder. There is beauty in the cheerfully coloured dresses of mothers. There is structure in the painted boats. There are regular patterns in the dried fish. There is happiness everywhere in the eyes of children. Hope nestles in the hearts of the immigrants waiting for an imminent departure. The wind spreads columns of smoke to envelop the whole place in a strange atmosphere.

These villages are a source of beauty in constant evolution. Human activity, in complicity with the soft, changing light, constantly shapes and reshapes the scene to reveal infinite images, just as an artist would constantly strive for an aesthetic ideal.


To be seen from 20 November in Kuumba.

Kuumba - Chaussée de Wavre 78 - 1050 Ixelles
20-11-2020 > 04-12-2020
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