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Ding Dong, open your door to culture!

A new cultural season is worth celebrating! With shows, concerts and festive entertainment on the programme. All free of charge, and for everyone.

18.09 - at the Chapel of Boondael

18:00 : Follow Me
Two 'urban acrobats' invite you to follow them on a unique and surprising journey around the Chapel. So tie your shoelaces, let the show begin!

20:30: Marlène Dorcena
Marlène Dorcena, an artist of Haitian origin, makes us discover in an intimate concert a universe between literature and traditional Haitian music. In a dialogue between voice and piano, she gently approaches women, love, life and multiculturalism.

19.09 - in the Place Fernand Cocq neighbourhood

10:00: Literary breakfast - Biblio xl
Meet an author at the Rideau de Bruxelles! Angèle Baux and Axel Cornil will discuss writing and dramaturgy.

10:30-18:00 - Cultural market - Place Fernand Cocq
Meet the cultural operators in Brussels and do your cultural shopping among a diversified and high quality offer. This year, choose local and seasonal culture!

11:00: Peperkoek Foundation - Fanfare - Place Fernand Cocq
Recipe of the Peperkoek Foundation: in a sousaphone, mix 5 kg of accordion and 800g of clarinet, pass the mixture through the slide trombone. Then mix with derbouka or sprinkle with wash-board with a country flavour. Dance to enjoy!

14:00-18:00: risography workshop - Biblio xl
Frau Steiner supports you in the assembly and subsequent serial printing of your personalised poster. You can take your work home with you, or include it in the poster collection created during the afternoon.

14:00: Hortense - dance - courtyard Biblio xl
Hortense finds herself alone, overwhelmed by the hectic pace of life. She feels as if she is running out of time, that he is passing her by. Panic... How to find the source of balance? Hortense is an urban and contemporary dance show for young audiences.

15:00: Made in Kwakkaba - theatre for young audiences - Théâtre Mercelis
Silke Melis (actress) and Alec De Bruyn (musician) give old, forgotten toys a new look and a new life. Together with the audience, they tell a wonderful musical and wordless story about the wonderful journey of a bathing duck.

16:00: One Shot
One Shot, because you only get one try... Cool as the blues, nervous as rock, this show revisits the old circus standards in an uninhibited freedom. Rhythmed with live music, the danced and acrobatic movements mix between axe handling and Chinese mast acrobatics.


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18-09-2020 > 19-09-2020
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