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Brussels helps: helping each other during the corona crisis!

Brussels helps

What can you do to help other Brusselers during the corona crisis? And how can you ask for help yourself?
We help to bring people together with "Brussels helps".

Need assistance?

What do you need assistance with? Let us know via this form for request assistance

We collect all requests for help in the Brussels Capital Region in complete confidentiality. We will look at each question and will contact you once when we have found a suitable volunteer. Would you like to help? Would you like to help your fellow citizen? 

Sign up as a volunteer. 

Below you may find every help request. Which one appeals to you? Click on the request and we will connect you with the right person. 


More information about the initiative 'Brussels helps' on https://www.impactdays.be/brusselshelps/

Commune d’Ixelles & Local Culture
23-03-2020 > 05-04-2020
https://www.impactdays.be/brusselshelps/ - www.vgc.be/brusselshelps 
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