MUS-E and the toddler’s crown

Sounds like a new Harry Potter movie? Well… Let’s just say that the toddlers department ‘Kroonlaan’ of primary school De Wimpel worked out - for weeks on end – a fine artproject together with artists of partnerorganisation MUS-E. The project was part of Brede School at Ixelles. During the whole period the Kroonlaan toddlers could experiment in any shape or form really, ranging from fine arts, multimedia, dance and music. Even philosophy with actual philosophers was part of the program.

The project concluded with a fantastic show for the parents at GC Elzenhof. Toddlers sang songs, while parents took the exhibition tour with all the artworks made by the kids. But it was probably the MUS-E movie that truly put the crown on this beautiful project. An amazing collaboration between school, MUS-E and Elzenhof.

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