Take-over: 22 Local Community Centers in Brussels

All 22 local community centers closed their doors on May 8. Together with the VGC-administration they called upon action against bad policy of VGC concerning the workers issues. As much as 600 people, organizations, directors, volunteers,… gathered at five to twelve, a symbolic hour, at the Place St-Catherine in the heart of Brussels. Among the supporting speakers were Willy Thomas (KVS), Eric Corijn (Kosmopolis), Angelo de Simone (Foyer) and Leen Despiegelaere (Brussels Kunstenoverleg). Each of them noted the importance of the community centers as builders of networks in the city.
The centers then offered the keys to their doors at the cabinets of the members of the VGC-board. The massive support, from all 4 corners of the cultural sector, gave evidence of the leading role that these community centers play in the cultural life of Brussels as well as in the Dutch speaking education system and the social sector. 

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