A cosy Living Room Music Festival

10 artists/bands playing in the living rooms of an enthusiastic bunch of inhabitants of Ixelles, an equipe counting 26 cheerful volunteers, 7 professionals of Muziekpublique asbl and a most welcoming artistic workplace: the recipe for a very succesful edition of the festival "Living Room Music" on sunday the 4th of may in the quartier Sceptre at Ixelles. It was the 12th edition already. From 2 pm until 7pm, some 350 world music lovers went from one living room to another. It was thé occasion to (re)discover the dynamic quartier Sceptre. The music program was very varied and came from all corners of the world. The formula worked, as proven by the high turnout. Moreover, the weather was splendid, which again contributed to the perfect mood.
Photographs : Simon Blackley – André Reis

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