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Vogelpic - Start Zinneke Workshops at Elzenhof

Ready to join a large social and artistic project? To join hands with other Brussels people and participate in different creative workshops having as a theme “Seduction”? Feel free to join “Vogelpic”, the Elsene-Molenbeek Zinnode!

The following workshops have just been started : costumes - masks – marionettes – dancing (breakdance & African dance) – percussion & words. Participation is free.

Contact : vogelpic@gmail.com
More information on : www.vogelpic.tumblr.com
A collaboration between : GC Elzenhof, Mentor Escale, Le Maître mot, Synergie 14, Le Foyer Molenbeek, Habitat et Rénovation, Reform, SOS Jeunes Quartier Libre, Monyama.

Community centre Elzenhof
GC Elzenhof - Av. de la Couronne 12 - 1050 Bruxelles
06-03-2014 > 10-05-2014

myriam.saenen@vgc.be - 02 648 20 30 - www.gcelzenhof.be - www.zinneke.org
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