20-12-2014 > 20-06-2015

Sans Souci Library starts with Coderdojo

Coderdojo is a worldwide movement for free open-source program- and tech-clubs for youth. Its goal is to teach children in a playful way how to program and discover the world of technology in an interactive way. Sans Souci Library has recently started its own Dojo where young people between 7 & 17 can come to learn how to program, about apps and to make inter active games, learn how to work robots and much more.
Only one rule applies: “Above all: Be Cool”.
See you on the following dates: 20/12, 24/01, 21/02, 21/03, 25/04, 16/05, 20/06.
Because of limited places, it is absolutely necessary to register in advance.

Bibliotheek Sans Souci
Sans Souci Library - Rue Sans Souci 131 - 1050 Brussels
20-12-2014 > 20-06-2015
14:00 - 17:00
willem vandendriessche - tel. 02 515 64 50 - willem.vandendriessche@elsene.be - www.elsene.bibliotheek.be
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