18-09-2014 > 05-10-2014

Return to Sender: a sustainable artistic project

The young Brussels organization KAOS is into artistic projects by artists with or without psychological problems. KAOS is convinced that psychological vulnerability and creativity often go together. Let art prevail, aim high, but keep it simple.
As far as their project Return to Sender is concerned, KAOS sent blank letters to famous and less famous artists, asking them to reply, with an illustration of their own. The original artistic cards are on exhibition in the Centre for contemporary arts WIELS, after which they are sold by auction for the benefit of KAOS.
The opening will take place at WIELS, on the 17th of September at 6pm.

WIELS - Contemporary Art Centre - Av. Van Volxem 354 - 1190 Brussels
18-09-2014 > 05-10-2014
11:00 - 18:00 (gesloten op maandag en dinsdag)
Mike Michiels - www.vzwkaos.weebly.com - vzwkaos@gmail.com
Music & Movies

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