06-06-2014 > 21-06-2014

KAOS and Saint-Alexius present the exhibition 'Ingewikkeld' or 'wrapped-up'

KAOS asbl invites conceptual artist Sven (Unik-ID) for the presentation of his new project 'Wrapped-up', which involves a series of autobiographical sculptures, "Bipolar Men", which symbolises the various parts of Sven's identity and past (during which he himself has had multiple psychoses). One part of such a Bipolar Man is being magnified and held together by a giant bandage. This bandage is detached from the sculpture however, and makes a voyage into the wide world, namely in the direction of the garden of the mental health care centre St-Alexius one street further down...

Come and meet this multi-talented artist who is not afraid to show his fragility and invites us to go in search of our own vulnerability.

The exhibition is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday until the 21st June, each time from 2pm until 5pm.

asbl KAOS - Rue Souveraine 73 - 1050 Ixelles
06-06-2014 > 21-06-2014
14:00 - 17:00
www.vzwkaos.weebly.com - www.psc-elsene.be - vzwkaos@gmail.com
Expo & Art

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