Sans Souci Boekenbaz'art: a street party for you!

Check your calender: you wrote it down for sure... Upcoming Saturday, May 17. between 2 and 8 in the afternoon, Boekenbaz'art is happening, for the 4th time already. This fest of books has involved into a all-round festival that celebrates different projects 'in progress'. And moreover, to harvest the fruits of collaboration between the inhabitants of the Sans Souci quarter, that has grown into a dynamic local platform!

There will be something for everybody, so there's really no excuse:
shows with Majoretteketet and Les Fanfoireux, a free stage for local talents, a summer bar serving 'deliciousness', an open air expo with peephole boxes, the illustrious Book Estafette, a mobile scrabble game, a workshop on printing literature onto your t-shirt (so don't forget to bring them with you!!), story whisperers, waffles on sticks... and - naturally - the second hand book market where anyone can exchange their passion for books.

You can make a free reservation for occupying a space to sell your books via Oxfam Bookshop: 02 734 48 15 or mail claudine.huebner@numericable.be

Bibliotheek Sans Souci
Rue Sans Souci
14:00 - 20:00
eva tack - tel. 02 515 64 56 - eva.tack@elsene.be - www.elsene.bibliotheek.be
Festival & events

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