Spring Concert at Mercelis Theater: Chantal Acda + And They Spoke in Anthems

Chantal Acda has worked under the Sleepindog moniker since 2006, making three affectionately received albums. They toured the UK and Benelux with Low.
At the same time, she was a constant on-stage presence with Isbells. After all this, it was time for her first real solo record.
Playing in various formations had made her conscious of the patterns that we all, as humans, share in. So she sought out kindred spirits with whom she might record an album filled with freedom and intensity. What began as a journey ended as a wonderful record - one wherein five musicians were able to find their place and, together, and with great warmth, tell their nine-song story.
In the Little Theatre Mercelis these songs are brought to life by Alan Gevaert, Eric Thielemans and Jean Yves Evrard.
Support: And they Spoke in Anthems.

Petit Théâtre Mercelis - Rue Mercelis 13 - 1050 Brussels
20:00 (doors 19:30)
www.kultuurkaffee.be - jade.corbey@ vub.ac.be - 02 629 23 29
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